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Simple lifestyle habits to maintain your gut health

Simple lifestyle habits to maintain your gut health

The gut or gastrointestinal tract is the long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage(anus). Gut health describes the function and balance of bacteria in many parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

 A healthy gut is when our daily bowel movements are free of symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, loose stools, etc. Other signs of a healthy gut include being free of rectal symptoms like hemorrhoids and abdominal symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, or gas.

More than half of our immune system is in the gut. Hence gut health is extremely important. Digestive health is linked to many diseases and taking care of it is needed for the prevention of such diseases. Here are some tips to make your gut health better :

Don’t use laxatives for long term


How laxatives affect gut health

Laxatives are a group of drugs that speed up the fecal passage, they are primarily used to treat constipation. Chronic constipation makes life difficult and if you have poor dietary habits you will not be as regular as you should be. However, using laxatives on a long term basis can make you dependent on them. Long-term use of laxatives can also deplete the gut flora. If you have constipation, make lifestyle changes, including fiber in your diet, and try to be regular. Consult with your doctor to give you a personalized plan for changing your dietary habits, and try to avoid being dependent on laxatives.

Avoid painkillers


using pain killers frequently can affect your gut health

Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as NSAIDs are used to treat pain by targeting inflammation. These are very popular but can alter the gut microbiome and cause an upset stomach. Chronic use of these drugs can damage your gut lining. They irritate your intestinal lining and can cause inflammation and damage leading to bleeding from the gut. All of these are detrimental to the microbiome and the gastrointestinal tract too.

Reduce alcohol consumption


Alcohol is really bad for your gut. Alcohol affects the gut barrier and even affects the speed by which food moves through the digestive tract towards the exit. Alcohol can increase the number of pathogenic microbes in the gut, It can also increase constipation, diarrhea and

bloating, and many gut problems. Hence it is advisable to reduce alcohol or quit drinking altogether if possible.

Make healthy lifestyle choices

Healthy lifestyle choices such as staying hydrated, lowering stress levels, staying hydrated, mindfulness, and meditation practice help with reducing the symptoms of a lot of gastrointestinal conditions. Regular exercise habits like walking or yoga are also extremely beneficial.


It is simple to keep a healthy gut!

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