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Types of Shilajit Supplements for Men & Women

Sexual dysfunction tends to be more prevalent among those over 40 due to age-related health decline. 

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of shilajit supplements—natural libido boosters and Ayurvedic sexual wellness products that can address these concerns.

Shilajit is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine renowned for its effectiveness in enhancing sexual wellness. It is often hailed as a potent natural aphrodisiac, offering significant improvements in sexual performance and acting as the best libido booster for both men and women.

Shilajit for women helps alleviate menstrual and menopausal discomfort, manages stress, enhances energy levels, and reduces fatigue. 

Shilajit has adaptogen properties, and it supports enhanced sexual performance as well as increased testosterone levels, thereby improving sexual health.

There are various types of shilajit supplements for men & women available on GetSupp, ranging from shilajit resins, shilajit capsules, shilajit powder, and shilajit juice. 

However, make sure to not exceed the recommended dose of shilajit, which is 300 to 500 mg per day. 

Shilajit tablets and capsules can be consumed with lukewarm water or milk twice a day, after lunch and dinner. But make sure to talk to a health expert before starting Shilajit supplements, to get a better understanding of your situation.

On the other hand, shilajit powder is also helpful and can be mixed with lukewarm water, organic honey, or milk to enhance its effect.

How Do Shilajit Supplements Work?

Shilajit supplements work in various ways to support sexual wellness:

Increased Testosterone Levels: Shilajit supplements have a crucial role in improving sexual desire, performance, and overall sexual health. It increases testosterone production and improves its utilization in the body.

Improved Blood Circulation: Shilajit also contains bioactive compounds that promote vasodilation and improve blood flow throughout the body, including the genital area. This property leads to improved erectile function, stronger erections, and enhanced sexual performance.

Adaptogenic Properties: The adaptogenic properties in shilajit help the body adapt to stressors and restore balance. Thereby improving sexual arousal, performance, and satisfaction.

Nutrient Support: Along with being a potential source of sexual wellness, shilajit is also a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds essential for health and vitality. These nutrients can help address deficiencies that may contribute to sexual health issues.

Health Benefits of Using Shilajit Supplements. 

As discussed, shilajit supplements have various health benefits stated below:

Increased sexual desire: Ayurvedic shilajit capsule is among the top herbs used for sexual health, increased sex drive among men, and enhanced libido. It does that by boosting the body's mitochondrial function, which increases energy levels and eventually positively affects sexual and spiritual health.

Improved sperm production and motility: Shilajit tablets effectively increase sperm count and helps you fight impotence.

Shilajit also has the capability to increase sperm motility by around 50%, hence improving overall male fertility.

Shilajit for Menopause: Shilajit for women is equally popular due to its various health effects. Especially for women experiencing reduced bone density, shilajit strengthens bone structure and density, proving to be a reliever of the symptoms of menopause.

Resolves erectile dysfunction: Shilajit is a mix of powerful antioxidants and minerals that helps the body fight free radicals. It also helps to maintain the proper blood flow in all parts of the body, which is crucial for achieving and maintaining an erection.

Reduced stress and anxiety: Shilajit also relieves stress and anxiety, aiding in natural blood flow and improving sexual arousal.

The Side Effects of Using Shilajit Supplements

However, before starting any supplements, you should be aware of their limitations and potential risks.

If you have any allergic reactions or are on any allergy medications, you must avoid consuming shilajit and seek medical attention immediately.

Shilajit may interact with certain medications, so if you are taking medications, particularly anticoagulants, antiplatelet drugs, or diabetes medications. 

Shilajit supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding have not been well-studied, hence avoid shilajit during these periods to minimize any potential risks.

Buy Best Shilajit Supplements Online at the Best Prices

GetSupp has the best shilajit supplements at competitive prices, supporting better sexual health for both men and women. 

Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit: Himalayan Shilajit by Kapiva is formulated with 100% pure Himalayan shilajit resin, known for its ability to improve performance, power, and stamina. It contains natural ingredients that work synergistically to enhance sexual vitality and overall well-being. 

BBETTER VEDA Purified Shilajit: Purified Shilajit supplement by BBetter Veda is purely made from Shilajit and comes in capsule form that provides stamina, strength, and vitality support for men. 

Mars by GHC - Surge Max: This shilajit product is designed to maximize your sexual potential. It combines the power of shilajit with other beneficial ingredients to boost energy, enhance stamina, and support overall sexual wellness. 

Kapiva Shilajit Gold Capsules: These capsules utilize a complex Ayurvedic procedure that converts the elemental form of pure gold into a nano-sized organic complex. This increases bioavailability and efficacy, leading to significant improvements in stamina levels. 

Rasayanam - Testoboost: Testoboost supplement combines shilajit, ashwagandha, and safed musli to create a potent formula for both men and women. It promotes healthy testosterone levels, supports vitality, and enhances sexual performance. 

Why is GetSupp the Favourite Online Shilajit Supplement Shop?

Ordering shilajit supplements from GetSupp is easy and straightforward. We have the most competitive pricing and a wide range of sexual wellness supplements on our platform. 

Additionally at GetSupp, we prioritize quality and source our supplements from trusted manufacturers so you can be assured that you are receiving pure and authentic products. 

With easy ordering and secure payment options, purchasing your preferred shilajit capsules has never been easier.

How to Choose the Right Shilajit Tablets and Capsules for You

Since shilajit is a medicinal herb, consulting a doctor before consuming the herb becomes necessary. However, one can follow the following dosage after confirming with your doctor.

Do your research: Conduct thorough research on different sexual wellness medicines available, and decide the suitable one that goes with your concerns. 

Start with a low dose: When trying a new sexual wellness medicine, it is advisable to start with a low amount to assess how your body responds to the Shilajit. 

When it comes to shilajit supplements, it's essential to choose the best shilajit capsule for maximum benefits. 

At GetSupp, these high-quality supplements offer the most effective results in terms of sexual wellness.