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Types of Premature Hair Greying Treatment Supplements: For Men, for Women, and for Both

Hair greying is a natural phenomenon that starts with the aging process. However, in recent times, an increasing number of individuals are experiencing premature greying due to modern stressors and poor nutrition. 

But don’t worry,  with advancements in nutritional science, there is now a growing understanding of the role that vitamins and minerals play in hair health and pigmentation. As a result, there are various hair health supplements in various forms such as powder, capsules, tablets, and juice form, so you can easily incorporate them into your diet and delay hair greying conditions effectively.

Natural Vitamin Supplements for Premature Hair Greying

Vitamin B Complex (Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid)

The vitamin B family, including Vitamin B12, is crucial for maintaining hair health. Biotin contributes to the hair follicle structure and melanin production. While taking Pantothenic Acid and folic acid can help reverse greying by restoring hair to its original color. 

Calcium & Vitamin D

Apart from promoting bone health, vitamin D is also important for new hair follicle growth while preserving existing ones. If you have vitamin D deficiency, chances are that could be the reason for your premature hair greying. However, it is essential to consume vitamin D in moderation, as both deficiency and overconsumption may cause hair loss.


Copper is a vital antioxidant and a key component of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color. Low copper levels have been linked to premature greying.


Iron deficiency can disrupt the blood supply to hair follicles, leading to hair thinning and greying. Ensuring sufficient levels of iron in the body may help prevent premature greying. A daily intake of around 8 to 10 mg of iron and 1000 to 1200 mcg of copper is recommended to support hair health.

Protein (Keratin)

Hair is predominantly composed of protein, and the scalp requires an adequate protein supply for hair metabolism. If you are a vegetarian, you must ensure consuming enough protein to meet your amino acid requirements, as protein deficiency can contribute to hair greying.


Zinc aids in cell turnover and tissue healing in the scalp and hair. It plays a crucial role in protecting cells and DNA, making it essential for hair health. 

Ayurvedic Supplements for premature hair greying


 Also known as false daisy, Bhringraj is an ayurvedic medicine for grey hair that can darken hair and prevent premature greying. 


 Ashwagandha is another herbal supplement for premature grey hair that helps in melanin formation, the pigment responsible for hair color, potentially preventing premature greying.


Amla is a natural astringent that helps retain hair color and is recognized for its ability to reverse premature greying by promoting pigmentation.

The Benefits of Using Premature Grey Hair Tablets and Capsules

Several Vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, B complex, iron, calcium, and zinc can reverse the grey hair process and potentially contribute to the restoration of natural hair color. Additionally, minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc help maintain the blood supply to hair follicles and delay premature greying.

Incorporating vitamins for premature grey hair can be a proactive approach to prevent premature hair greying as they can promote melanin production, the pigment responsible for hair color.

Apart from reversing grey hair, vitamin supplements can also contribute to overall healthy hair growth. Biotin supplements, for example, promote hair thickness and strength. Copper, on the other hand, is involved in collagen formation, which is vital for hair structure and growth. 

Premature grey hair tablets and capsules offer a convenient and easy way to ensure that the body receives the essential vitamins and minerals required for maintaining hair health. With busy modern lifestyles, obtaining all the necessary nutrients from the diet alone can be challenging.

Buy the Best Premature Grey Hair Supplements online at the Best Prices

Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Vitamin B12

This supplement is formulated with plant-based Vitamin B12 which helps in hair growth and the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color. Including this supplement in your daily routine can help prevent premature greying and promote overall hair health.

Kapiva Aloe + Amla Juice

Kapiva Aloe and Amla cold-pressed juice is a herbal supplement for premature grey hair that promotes hair-nourishing properties as well as helps maintain natural hair color. Regular consumption of this juice may aid in managing premature greying and promoting stronger hair.

Swisse Ultiboost Iron Supplement

Swiss Iron supplement for premature grey hair contains iron, Vitamin C, and B vitamins. This supplement is beneficial for those having Iron deficiency, as it can prevent hair loss and greying. Additionally, This iron supplement supports healthy blood flow to hair follicles and potentially prevents premature greying.

Himalayan Organics - Plant-based Hair Vitamin

When we talk about the most beneficial hair supplements, products containing biotin and DHT blockers come at the top due to their most effective qualities. Where biotin is known to promote hair health and may help prevent greying. The DHT blockers in this supplement can protect hair follicles, contributing to the prevention of premature greying.

INLIFE - Bhringraj

The bhringraj supplement by INLIFE is the most potent ayurvedic herb supplement renowned for its hair-nourishing properties. Including this supplement in your lifestyle can promote melanin production, and help maintain the natural color of the hair.

Setu Hair: Strong Powder 

This powder contains plant-based ingredients such as Sesbania, Biotin Extract, Bamboo Extract, Folic Acid, and Zinc. The combination of these ingredients promotes hair growth, strength, and melanin production, potentially aiding in the prevention of premature greying.

Swisse Magnesium, Calcium+D3

Swisse has another hair supplement with proven benefits for hair health. This supplement features a combination of Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin D3, and helps maintain strong and healthy hair along with eradicating vitamin D deficiency which is the leading factor of premature greying of hair.

Himalayan Organics - Organic Ashwagandha Powder

Ashwagandha powder is a potent adaptogenic herb known for its beneficial effects on hair strength and quality. Ashwagandha is also known to have stress-reducing properties that may indirectly support hair health, as stress is a known contributor to premature greying.

The Risks of Using Premature Greying Hair Tablets and Capsules

While premature greying hair tablets and capsules offer promising benefits, it is essential to be aware of potential risks and considerations before incorporating them into your routine. 

Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any vitamin regimen to assess whether the supplements are suitable for you, taking into account any pre-existing medical conditions or ongoing treatments.

Read labels carefully, take the recommended dosage, and understand that success takes time. Hair health and pigmentation restoration don't happen overnight.

If you are already taking medications, be cautious about combining them with hair vitamins. Different medications can have varying effects, and the random addition of nutrients may interfere with your hair growth progress.

Ensure that you choose the best premature grey hair supplements that meet quality standards and contain the vitamins and minerals suitable for your hair health needs.

How to Choose the Right Premature Grey Hair Supplements?

Consult with a healthcare expert before using any form of hair vitamins along with your daily diet to understand your body's requirements and get the correct prescription.

At GetSupp you can avail the consultation from verified healthcare experts who will be there throughout your journey to ensure you get the best results. 

Check for Harmful Compounds like sulfates that can damage your hair. Choose the best hair care products with natural and nourishing ingredients to support hair health.

When opting for a nutritional supplement, carefully read the label for the date of manufacture, presence of artificial flavoring, and other compounds. 

Why is GetSupp the Favourite Online Premature Grey Hair Medicine Shop?

GetSupp has a wide range of supplements for premature grey hair, catering to different needs for gender and age-specific.

We also ensure the products are on board from the best brands that are carefully curated, ensuring high-quality and genuine supplements that meet safety standards.

Additionally, you can order premature grey hair supplements from the comfort of your home with an easy-to-navigate website. You can also check the customer reviews and testimonials for the effectiveness and reliability of the products.

So Visit GetSupp to explore a wide range of supplements for premature grey hair and choose the best options tailored to your specific needs.