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Types of Natural Amla Supplements for Men & Women

Amla is the richest source of vitamin C and has been used in Ayurveda for very long for its numerous health benefits. 

It’s a fruit with a sour taste and is rich in antioxidants, it can be eaten fresh, however, there are other ways to sustain its long use. Such as amla powder, amla juice, amla syrup, and more. This tells us that Amla is such a versatile ingredient that each of these forms offers unique advantages for consumers.

Top Health Benefits of Amla Supplements

Amla supplement can be very effective for hair health as it supports growth and reduces dandruff. It also provides nourishment to the hair follicles from within to add shine to the hair. 

Amla supplements, if consumed daily, can help you combat skin aging symptoms as they are rich in antioxidants and maintain skin elasticity.

People also consume amla for immunity, it is a potent source of vitamin C which enhances the immune system and thus defends the body against infections and illnesses.

Amla for gut health is another important benefit, it supports digestion and supports a healthy gut. It also regulates bowel movements and alleviates digestive discomfort.

Amla supplement also reduces cholesterol levels and is important in controlling blood pressure.

The Best Way to Consume Amla

Although amla supplements are available in many forms, finding the best way to consume them will depend on your preferences and lifestyle:

You can conveniently choose to consume amla capsules or tablets or have it in juice form as a refreshing drink for a vitamin C boost.  

However, it’s best to start with a smaller dose initially and increase gradually as needed to help your body adjust to the supplement.

Other than that it’s best to drink amla juice or syrups early in the morning on an empty stomach to have the benefit of antioxidant and detoxification properties of the liver, kidney, and stomach. 

Amla Supplement Dosage Guidelines

If you are buying a supplement, generally guidelines are written on the label, so make sure to read the recommended dosage on the product label. 

As a general awareness:

500-1000mg of amla extract is a good allowance daily for adults.

Buy Best Amla Supplements online at the Best Prices

Nectar Valley Pure Natural Amla Powder

Amla powder by Nectar Valley is a pure and natural form of amla powder that doesn't have any additives or preservatives. Consuming this amla powder in its richest form will give you the benefits of vitamin C and antioxidants to promote radiant skin, and strong hair, improving digestion and immunity.

Kapiva Wild Amla Juice

Kapiva's Wild Amla Juice is named because of its wild organic nature, moreover, it is cold-pressed to retain its natural goodness. Consuming this amla juice is going to benefit your hair and skin from within due to its high vitamin C content. It also aids in maintaining immunity and provides a natural energy boost.

Himalayan Organics Vitamin C

If you are looking for an amla extract tablet, then Himalayan Organics will be your best choice. It will provide 1000mg of vitamin C per serving while also offering antioxidant support, immunity boost, and healthy skin. Additionally, vitamin C found in amla is most famous as a brightening agent for the skin by helping in collagen production.

Himalayan Organics Amla Juice

This organic amla juice is pure juice extracted from amla to provide you with the most natural source of nutrients. Its regular consumption will not only support immunity, gut health, and strong hair but also act as a detoxifying elixir to boost overall health.

Carbamide Forte - Vitamin C Amla Extract

These mighty tablets combine the power of amla extract and zinc for enhanced immunity and skincare along with aiding collagen production. 

These vitamin C tablets are ideal for your skincare routine to get rid of acne and pimples.

Tuskca Vitamin C + Zinc

If you want to enjoy the citrus-effervescent taste while also enjoying the health benefits like improved immunity and healthy skin then this is your best shot. 

This combination of vitamin C with Zinc also helps in better absorption of iron in the body.

Krasaliwa- Chewable Tablet

These chewable tablets from Krasaliwa contain vitamin C, zinc, vitamin, and amla extract to support bone health. So if you are looking for a supplement that will take care of your immunity while maintaining strong bones, you must order these amla extract tablets now.

The Side Effects of Using Amla Supplements

Amla supplements are generally safe if taken as per the guidance. However, there can be certain side effects with excessive intake leading to digestive discomfort or diarrhea. 

It’s best to avoid the consumption of any amla supplement if you have a cough or cold, 

Additionally, individuals with bleeding disorders or those scheduled for surgery should consult a healthcare professional before 2 weeks to avoid any health issues.

How to choose the right Amla Supplements?

Selecting any amla supplements requires proper consideration of the following factors:

Look for your specific needs as per your health condition, then decide the form and its dosage. You can also consult a healthcare expert to discuss your requirements.

Check the label if the product has pure amla content without additives.

Always buy amla supplements from reputable, well-known, and trusted brands.

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GetSupp is the most diverse range of high-quality Amla supplements which makes it the most favorable online destination for ordering Amla products.

We have almost all the different forms of Amla products on our website, at the most competitive and cost-effective prices. This means we source our products from trustable and trending brands. 

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