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Why is sleep so important for your health?

Why is sleep so important for your health?

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health. Modern-day life does not offer an individual the luxury of getting adequate sleep. To sleep enough regularly, we need to make an effort and be intentional about it. Here are the reasons why sleep is so important for our health:

Better cognition

Research shows brain functions like productivity, concentration, and cognition are all related to getting an adequate amount of sleep. Not only this, even sleep patterns have an impact on how productive we are at work and how well we perform at school or studies. Hence taking good care of sleep is important for good brain health.

Calorie regulation

Getting adequate sleep can help with consuming fewer calories and thus indirectly is linked to obesity. Sleep patterns affect the hormones that are responsible for appetite. When we do not sleep for as long as required by the body it interferes with the body’s ability to regulate food intake. Try to keep a count of how many calories you are eating if you have been sleeping deprived. Try to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

Emotional intelligence 

Sleep is linked to emotional and social intelligence. Anyone who is not sleeping enough will have a hard time recognizing other people’s expressions and emotions. When we do not get enough sleep, our emotional empathy decreases. 


Yes, you read it right! Research suggests that lack of sleep is connected to depression. Studies have reported that people with sleep disorders like insomnia have higher chances of developing depression. 

Immune system

Sleep helps the body with repair and regeneration processes. Better sleep quality can even help us fight infection. For a stronger immune system, it is important that sleep is given as much importance as diet and nutrition.

Athletic performance

Getting good sleep can help boost athletic performance. Our body rejuvenates and heals itself during sleep and recovering well is as important as taking care of your diet and exercise routines. Other benefits include higher energy levels, better coordination, faster speed, better mental functioning, and better performance intensity.

Sleep is vital!

For overall well-being sleep is important. Make sure to get enough sleep and talk to your doctor if you have any trouble sleeping.

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