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Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin A In India

Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin A In India

We all have heard about the importance of vitamin A for our eyes, but that’s not it. Vitamin A is equally important for overall health including boosting the immune system along with keeping the other functions of the body intact. 

Not only that, on one hand, Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness, and various hair and skin problems. On the other hand, if you consume Vitamin A above the recommended level it can cause jaundice, nausea, and loss of appetite. Therefore it is really important to consume vitamin A in moderation and keep it balanced.

In this article, we will discuss various foods rich In Vitamin A as well as the importance and daily dosage of Vitamin A allowed. 

Importance of Vitamin A in our Body

Vitamin A is a micronutrient and fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in our body in the required amount. However, our bodies do not produce Vitamin A on their own. This is why we need to include Vitamin A in our diet to maintain the stored value so that all the important functions are carried out smoothly. 

You can include vitamin A supplements with your diet to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients required. 

Try this supplement recommended by our health experts, so you don’t miss your daily dosage of vitamin A: Pure nutrition

It is rich in Vitamin A, made from Papaya leaf and fruit extracts, which strengthens the immune system and boosts platelet counts. You can take this capsule simply with a gulp of water.  

However, consuming Vitamin-A-rich food is an even better choice to meet the demands of your body.

Several other important functions of Vitamin A in the body are: 

  • To maintain the formation of healthy teeth, skin, skeletal tissue, and mucous membrane.
  • The other name for Vitamin A is Retinol, which is responsible for producing pigments in the retina of our eyes. Thus, the name Retinol.
  • Retinol also promotes good vision, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Vitamin A is also necessary for reproduction and for women who are breastfeeding. 

List of 10 Vitamin A-rich foods



Carrot is one of the richest sources of vitamin A which is also full of healthy antioxidants known as beta-carotene. Vitamin A content in carrots is found to be 835mcg/100gm.

Sweet Potato


Sweet potato is a very famous source of Vitamin A and is also low in calories. It is not only rich in vitamin A but also rich in carbohydrates, and beta-carotene which saves against cancer and muscle degeneration. Sweet potato with the skin completes more than enough requirement of Vitamin A per day. Vitamin A content in Sweet potato is 709mcg/100gm.

Fish or Cod liver oil 


Fish is also one of the good sources of Vitamin A along with several other useful nutrients. And adding a plate of fish to your diet can improve your overall health. However, if you are vegetarian, you can add cod liver oil to your diet, you will need only 1 full spoon of cod liver oil to fulfill the daily requirement of vitamin A. 

Additionally, Fish and cod liver oil are also rich sources of omega-3, and vitamin D and keeps the heart and gut healthy.

Red pepper


Like every bright vegetable and fruit, red pepper is also a great source of vitamin A. It is enriched with carotenoids, antioxidants, antihistamines, and anti-inflammatory properties. The good thing is one tablespoon of chopped red peppers, gives about 42% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A. 



Almost every dark green-colored leafy vegetable is rich in vitamin A content. But this light green colored leafy vegetable is no less than in competition. It is loaded with Vitamin A content and other minerals too. In one whole cup of lettuce, you will get 7% of vitamin A with less than 10 calories.



Broccoli is an abundance of vitamins and minerals with Vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C as well as antioxidants. It is also effective in reducing some signs of cancer.  In 100gm of broccoli, nearly 32mcg of Vitamin A content is present. 



Papaya is said to be a very rich vitamin A source and even great for the skin and eyes. It works by protecting the cornea hence preventing degeneration of the retina which makes it the most suitable fruit for our eyesight. In 100gm of Papaya 47mcg of vitamin A is present. 



Tomato is one of the most readily available sources of vitamin A present in India. Additionally, it is also rich in Vitamin C, with the presence of the enzyme lycopene. Where Vitamin C and A are said to be good for eye health, Lycopene is known to be effective for reduced cancer growth. In addition, chromium in tomatoes keeps the sugar levels in control. 



In the list of rich sources of vitamin A, how can we leave mango behind? Known as the king of fruits, mango is rich in vitamins A, and C, minerals, and fibers. A medium-sized mango can provide up to 75% of the required vitamin A. 



As one of the richest sources, spinach is not only rich in vitamin A but also iron and magnesium. This property of Spinach makes sure that you are getting a variety of nutrients. 

What is the daily requirement for Vitamin A?

The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for men is 900 μg/day and for women, it is 700 μg/day. Whereas the Tolerable limit for adults in a day is set at 3,000 μg. 

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