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What's Up Wellness - What's Up Beauty Gummies for Hair, Skin and Nails - Pack of 2 ( 60 Gummies )

10 ratings
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100% Genuine Guarantee
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Benefits of What's Up Beauty Gummies by What's Up Wellness

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Promotes Hair Health

These biotin-infused gummies are known to help improve hair health and may assist in reducing hair fall. Rich in essential nutrients, they cater to both men and women, supporting hair growth and overall wellness.
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Enhances Skin & Nail Strength

The combination of Biotin, Zinc, and Folic Acid in these What's Up Beauty gummies may help brighten the skin and make it more radiant. Additionally, they are designed to strengthen nails, promoting overall beauty and well-being.
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Natural Ingredients

These vegetarian What's Up Beauty gummies include Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn, Grape Seed, and other natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced, gluten-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, and free of preservatives, making them a healthy choice.
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Tasty & Convenient

The strawberry-flavored gummies are not only delicious but also make taking daily supplements enjoyable. With just one gummy a day, results may be visible within 3 weeks, making wellness fun and easy to achieve.
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Hydration & Acne Reduction

The hydrating properties of these What's Up Beauty gummies help maintain skin moisture, while Zinc and other vital nutrients have been known to assist in reducing acne, resulting in a youthful and glowing complexion.

Is What's Up Wellness What's Up Beauty Gummies Right for You?

Vegan FriendlyYes
Dairy FreeYes
Gluten FreeYes
Grain FreeYes
Soy FreeYes
Contains Natural SugarsYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use What's Up Wellness What's Up Beauty Gummies

Directions To Use: Chew one daily any time after a meal
Recommended Dosage: One gummy per day
Safety Disclaimer: As mentioned on the product
Allergen Info: This product may have been processed in a factory which handles Dairy, Dairy, Milk & Soy derivatives, Gluten, Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Legumes & other allergen containing products.
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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Reviews for What's Up Wellness What's Up Beauty

Buying again
I have already used these gummies back to one year which is why I buy it again.. these beauty gummies are easy and effective.
Dark spots going
I am actually using Whats Up beauty gummies daily from 3 month. I had seen acne is getting light in shade,, dark spots going.. like overall sin also brightne up.
Bharati shahverified
2nd Apr, 2024
Defective product
The only thing is collagen gummies finish too fast.. price wise also little expensive but good
1st Aug, 2023
Best skin Gummy
These gummies are good for my skin health. I don't feel any dryness on my skin and there is no new pimple coming.
14th Jul, 2023
Yummy taste
These daily health gummies taste very good and are very effective for my skin and hair health. I feel my skin is now more fresh.
Usha Shettyverified
16th Jun, 2023
Happy with the results
Beauty gummies with tasty flavor. Its good for my dry skin.
Bishal Sarmahverified
6th Jun, 2023
Postive results
One of my friend has already bought these beauty gummies, and the results on her skin convinced me to buy for me as well.
12th Jan, 2023
Impressive Results for skin
The regular use of these beauty gummies is getting me clear and glowing skin.
13th Nov, 2022
Superior Quality Gummies
I am pretty hooked onto these hair gummies, so tasty, but i stop myself :) Terrific taste and these have done wonders to my hair and skin.
9th Nov, 2022
Excellent results for hair
These Beauty Gummies are not only tasty but also happen to work on hair issues like none of the supplements could do earlier.

Details about What's Up Wellness What's Up Beauty Gummies

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B5
Brand: What's Up Wellness
Shelf Life: 540 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Gummies
Container Type: Jar
Manufacturer: What's Up Wellness
Marketed by: What's Up Wellness
Sold by: What's Up Wellness

About What's Up Wellness What's Up Beauty Gummies

Thinning hair, lackluster skin & brittle nails? These strawberry flavored chews will breathe life back into your thinning strands with a powerful punch of Biotin, Zinc, Folic Acid & 10 other essential nutrients stimulating your skin making it soft, and strengthening your nails. We believe in Speed & Ease. Looking good while getting things done. We’re all about making a statement—with our products in your lifestyle—we want you to feel confident in your skin and focus on what you are out there to achieve without breaking a sweat! In short pure, efficacious superfoods for your hair, skin, and nails. We think of them as nature’s overachievers—ingredients that are rich in the stuff your hair, skin & nails crave—antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more. Just pop one daily and see the magic happen! Our formulation has been tested by nutrition experts & recommended by dermatologists, it is the most complete ingredient list you will find today, and all under the RDA limits as set by the Government.

About the brand

What's Up Wellness

A daily dose of awesomeness in the form of innovative and easy-to-use products, What’s Up Wellness is your one-stop shop for all wellness needs. Our first offering for you to adopt into your lifestyle is our What’s Up Beauty Gummies to look after your hair, skin & nails in a fun and tasty way! We want to play our part in inspiring wellness, creating a healthy community, and bringing a little mindfulness into our lives.
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