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Kapiva Triphala Juice - All Natural & Ayurvedic Laxative, Improves Digestion & Helps with Constipation - Pack of 1 (1000 ml)

12 ratings
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100% Genuine Guarantee
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Why is this good for you?

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Eases Constipation and Improves Digestion

Being laxative in nature, Kapiva Triphala Juice helps relieve constipation and promotes proper digestion and absorption of food, leading to consistency in bowel movements.
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Balances All Three Doshas

Loaded with natural Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Harad, and Bahera, Kapiva Triphala Juice is considered a Tridoshic Rasayana that balances all three doshas - Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.
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100% Ayurvedic and Vegetarian

Made using the 'kwath' or decoction process, Kapiva Triphala Juice retains maximum benefits from its ingredients while adhering to vegetarian dietary requirements.
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Promotes Skin Health

The special ingredient of Triphala in Kapiva Triphala Juice is known to improve skin health, providing a natural glow and radiance.
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Easy to Consume and Suitable for Adults

Mix 30ml of Kapiva Triphala Juice in 30ml water and consume it at night before meals, or have a shot of 30ml without water for a higher nutritional value. Suitable for individuals above 12 years.

Who is this product for

Is Zero SugarYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use

Directions To Use: Consume it with a glass of water or as directed by Health Care Professional.
Recommended Dosage: Mix 30ml of Triphala Juice twice before meals or as directed by Health Care Professional.
Safety Disclaimer: Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics and people with known medical conditions.Consult with a physician prior to consuming the product. Keep out of reach of children
Allergen Info: This product may have been processed in a factory which handles Dairy, Dairy, Milk & Soy derivatives, Gluten, Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Legumes & other allergen containing products.
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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Reviews for Kapiva Triphala Juice

Used by many
This one is very good laxative.. and heard that triphala is just soo good and used by soo many people for digestion.. i am one of them.
better than powder form
kapiva triphala juice is sour taste, but easy to drink.. i like better than tripahal powder.
Benefit-wise good
Kapiva triphala juice is really good benefit wise.. even taste is also such that i mix in water with pinch of salt to make it better.
ghousia hadiverified
7th Jun, 2023
Cleans my stomach
This is easy to drink triphala juice in its most organic form. Drinking it daily to cleanse my stomach.
18th May, 2023
helps for bloating
I had bloating after every meal.. I can see there is relief now after using this triphala juice.
23rd Apr, 2023
Improves gastric issues
I used to have gastric issues very much before trying this Triphala juice. Taste is little strong.
19th Apr, 2023
Relief from acid reflux
This triphala juice has fresh taste.. And I used to get bad reflex often but I have felt relief in that problem now.
mohan ncverified
22nd Feb, 2023
more time to judge
Its only 2 weeks of using this triphala.. i need more time to judge
21st Feb, 2023
Quite satisfactory
This Kapiva Triphala juice is just soo pure, started from day 1 when i recieved it.. drinking it daily at night and morning i feel good.
2nd Feb, 2023
Improved digestion
I got relief from digestion problem. Purchased kapiva triphala juice multiple times. Highly recommended.
20th Jan, 2023
Effective and good quality
Good quality triphala juice, it's easy to drink and does not cause any heavy feeling when I drink, like it used to happen with other juices.
14th Dec, 2022
Very effective
Earlier I was taking triphala powder and this triphala juice is my new regimen. But whatever, I like the effects.
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Product Info

Key Ingredients: Amla, Haritaki, Bahera
Brand: Kapiva
Shelf Life: 540 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Juice
Container Type: Bottle
Manufacturer: Adret Retail Private Limited
Marketed by: Adret Retail Private Limited
Sold by: Kapiva

Questions and Answers

Q. What are the key health benefits of Kapiva Triphala Juice?
A. Triphala Juice is primarily an effective solution for constipation, indigestion, and other intestinal issues. It also helps to eliminate waste and toxins from the body and supports detoxification leading to weight management by targeting belly fat. Furthermore, the potent ingredients in Kapiva Triphala Juice strengthen immunity, act as a blood purifier, and regulate blood pressure. The anti-aging effects further extend the benefits of using Kapiva Triphala juice by improving collagen production and preventing fine lines and wrinkles contributing to skin health. Additionally, Triphala Juice has antimicrobial properties preventing plaque buildup and bacterial activity to ensure oral health.
Q. Is Kapiva Triphala Juice suitable for individuals with digestive disorders or sensitive stomachs?
A. Kapiva Triphala Juice is particularly beneficial for individuals having digestive disorders like constipation, hyper-acidity, or acid reflux. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it's best to consult healthcare experts on GetSupp for a better approach and personalized treatment.
Q. Can Kapiva Triphala Juice aid in weight management or weight loss?
A. Yes, Triphala Juice for weight loss works by facilitating the detoxification of harmful free radicals from the body, particularly targeting stubborn belly fat. Moreover, this laxative juice prevents constipation, further regulating smooth digestion. These properties of Triphala Juice combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, support weight management.
Q. What sets Kapiva Triphala Juice apart from other Triphala products in the market?
A. Kapiva Triphala Juice and Triphala Juice from other brands vary greatly in quality and authenticity. Where Kapiva Triphala Juice is formulated from dry, raw herbs, without any synthetic flavors or colors ensuring that the customers receive only pure and natural supplements with maximum potency and efficacy.
Q. Can pregnant or breastfeeding women safely consume Kapiva Triphala Juice?
A. Please consult healthcare professionals before incorporating any supplement into your routine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Q. Is Kapiva Triphala Juice suitable for individuals following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?
A. Yes, Triphala Juice is a plant-based supplement and is suitable for vegetarians or those following a vegan lifestyle.
Q. What makes Triphala Juice an effective solution for constipation compared to other laxatives?
A. Triphala Juice is known to stimulate peristalsis movement, the muscular contractions that aid in moving food through the intestines, while also softening the stool. Additionally, triphala for constipation directly addresses the root causes of constipation by balancing digestive fire (Agni) and supporting intestinal health.
Q. How does Kapiva Triphala Juice serve as a natural and Ayurvedic laxative?
A. Triphala Juice is known to have a laxative effect, helpful for constipation, indigestion, and proper food absorption leading to consistent bowel movements.
Q. Where can I buy Kapiva Triphala Juice online in India?
A. You can buy Kapiva Triphala Juice online in India from GetSupp and enjoy access to this quality supplement right at your doorstep.
Q. What is the price of Kapiva Triphala Juice in India?
A. The price of Kapiva Triphala Juice in India starts from INR 249 on GetSupp along with additional discounts and seasonal offers available on the platform to make your purchase more affordable.

About this product

Our organic Triphala Juice is full of natural herbs such as Amla, Haritaki and Bahera. These ayurvedic ingredients help fight constipation and help in improving digestion. Buy our 1-liter Triphala juice to fight acidity and stomach upsets. It removes toxins from the intestines and helps in absorption of required nutrients.

About the brand


Kapiva, also known as Kapiva Ayurveda is a Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition brand - Our mission is to make Ayurveda simple and accessible for everyone by freeing Ayurveda from its perceived complexities. At Kapiva Ayurveda, we create authentic and nutritious products using the principles of Ayurveda and the finest ingredients available to provide long term well-being for our customers. Our goal is to make Ayurvedic foods tasty and accessible for everyone so they can fight common health concerns related to Skin & Acne, Hair loss, Gut, Acidity & Gas, Low Immunity, Blood Sugar Management, Weight Management, Sexual Wellness & others
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