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Kapiva Kerala Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil | 100% Pure, Organic & Edible | For Cooking, Skin & Heart Health, Oil Pulling & Weight Loss - Pack of 1 (250 ml)

20 ratings
₹249₹219.00(12% off)
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Kapiva1st Floor, Unit No 101, Notan Classic Off Turner Road, Bandra West, Bandra, Mumbai MAHARASHTRA - 400050FASAILicense No: 10018022007987
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Why is this good for you?

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100% Pure and Organic

Kapiva Kerala Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is made from 100% natural, pure, unrefined, organic ingredients, ensuring the highest quality product for your cooking, skin, and hair health
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Cold-Pressed Technology

Coconuts sourced from Kerala are processed using cold-pressed technology, retaining maximum nutrition and healthy antioxidants which would otherwise be lost when exposed to heat.
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Boosts Metabolism and Immunity

Adding Kapiva Kerala Virgin Coconut Oil to your daily diet can help improve your immunity and metabolism, while also providing an instant energy boost and improving fat-burning capabilities.
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Chemical and Preservative-Free

Kapiva Kerala Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is made from non-GMO ingredients. This cruelty-free oil is free from preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic colors, parabens, and sulfates, ensuring a natural and safe product.
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Promotes Hair Growth and Skin Health

Kapiva Coconut Oil acts as an excellent conditioner, strengthening hair from the roots, controlling hair fall, and moisturizing skin for a soft, nourished complexion.

Who is this product for

Keto FriendlyYes
Is Zero SugarYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use

Directions To Use: Use for your daily cooking & massage for face & skin for good looking
Recommended Dosage: 1 Serving or 5ml per day.
Safety Disclaimer: Not Suitable for Pregnant Women
Allergen Info: Allergen free
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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Reviews for Kapiva Kerala Virgin Coconut Oil

Happy for this combo
I am a regular user of kapiva coconut oil, and happy for this combo.
Nice combo at good price
Nice quality coconut oil and got the combo at a good price.
Fine Quality
This virgin coconut oil is really of fine quality.
m. anand raoverified
Received wrong product
I have ordered 500ml of 2 kapiva coconut oil bottles. But received 250ml of 2 bottles. Glad for the immediate replacement i have received.
1st Feb, 2024
Good coconut oil
Liked this coconut oil, it's good for skin as well as for cooking.
28th Jul, 2023
Worth the price
I am a regular customer of kapiva coconut oil and using it on my hair. This is the first time i ordered from GetSupp, overall it was a great experience.
31st May, 2023
Keeps hair and skin moisturised
Purchased this coconut oil for my hair and skin. It is really moisturizing.
22nd May, 2023
Smell is good
Liked the fresh smell of this coconut oil, it smells like fresh coconut.
5th Apr, 2023
Good for hair and skin
I am using Kapiva coconut oil for my hair and skin. It is really good for moisturization and I'm very satisfied with this product.
29th Mar, 2023
Value for money!
Ofcourse this is the famous kapiva virgin coconut oil but other website are selling at expensive rates.. here it is affordable.
19th Mar, 2023
Satisfied with purchase
Not every coconut oil has this much transparency.. I have used other brands also.. but found kapiva be the best.. it freezes in cold but melts easily and comes in a transparent bottle which is plus point.
16th Mar, 2023
Value for money
At this price I am happy to buy this best kapiva coconut oil.. it smells amazing.
14th Mar, 2023
Health benefits are outstanding
Kapiva oil is healthy option for hair and skin benefit and also using as cooking oils sometime. There is no pint in not buying this oil.
19th Feb, 2023
Smells very good
This coconut oil is pure and smells soo good, can apply on body as moisturiser and on hair as well.
7th Feb, 2023
Impressive coconut oil
Although in cold this coconut gets freezed but thats one of its quality.. otherwise the taste, smell and texture of this oil is supergood.
6th Feb, 2023
Good for hairloss
I use this coconut oil with vit e and castor oil for my hair and it is effective for hairloss.. plus this quantity ad price also good.
6th Feb, 2023
Excellent Quality
Kapiva is the best brand in my knowledge for health supplements. I always buy coconut oil and other vitamins from this brand.
1st Feb, 2023
Absolutely Worth It
Orered two bottle of coconut oil and got 100 rs off. what a good deal.
20th Jan, 2023
Absolutely love it
This coconut oil is a delight. It smells wonderful and keeps my hair and skin hydrated.
8th Dec, 2022
Good for baby body
Using this coconut oil for my kid's body massage, it's natural and keeps my baby's skin healthy.
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Product Info

Key Ingredients: Cold-Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Brand: Kapiva
Shelf Life: 360 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Liquids
Container Type: Bottle
Manufacturer: Adret Retail Private Limited
Marketed by: Adret Retail Private Limited
Sold by: Kapiva

Questions and Answers

Q. What are the benefits of Kapiva Kerala virgin coconut oil?
A. Kapiva Coconut Oil offers a range of benefits for both hair skin, digestive system, and heart health. Kerala Virgin Coconut Oil also helps delay the effects of aging, fight acne, strengthen and promote hair growth, and more. When consumed regularly, it supports immune function and weight management due to its high antioxidant content. Fortified with superfood goodness, it boosts metabolism, strengthens hair from the roots, and acts as a functional food oil. Additionally, it contributes to lower lipid levels, liver functioning, anti-inflammatory properties, wound healing, and more.
Q. Where can I buy Kapiva Kerala virgin coconut oil?
A. You can purchase all the Kapiva products including Kapiva coconut oil conveniently online at GetSupp, benefiting from discounts and ensuring the authenticity of the product.
Q. What are some good brands of Kerala virgin coconut oil?
A. Kapiva stands out as one of the best brands offering Kerala Virgin Coconut Oil.
Q. What are some unique uses of Kerala virgin coconut oil?
A. Kapiva coconut oil is used for various purposes in daily life as it can enhance HDL (good cholesterol) levels, manage diabetes, facilitate weight reduction, boost immunity, manage arthritis, and elevate memory and cognition. This Kerala virgin coconut oil is not just limited to health benefits; it is an excellent source for skincare as well. It is edible and ideal for daily cooking (around 10-20ml), it is also a global hair care product. Its ability to improve the body's fat-burning capabilities and provide an instant energy boost makes it an invaluable addition to your daily routine. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of Kapiva coconut oil help combat bacteria, reduce bad breath, prevent cavities, and promote gum health.
Q. Can Kapiva Kerala virgin coconut oil help with hair growth and health?
A. Yes, Kapiva Coconut Oil is renowned as one of the best Kerala coconut oils for hair. It is an excellent conditioner, strengthening hair from the roots, controlling hair fall, preventing dandruff, and combating dryness of the scalp.
Q. Can Kapiva Kerala virgin coconut oil help with skin health and beauty?
A. Yes, Kapiva Coconut oil is packed with antioxidants and can be applied topically for skin nourishment and hydration, preventing premature aging. It is especially beneficial in winter as Kapiva coconut oil boosts lipid levels and rejuvenates dry and damaged skin.
Q. Can Kapiva Kerala virgin coconut oil help with weight management?
A. Yes, the consumption of Kerala Virgin coconut oil aids in reducing body fat, particularly abdominal fat, through medium-chain fatty acids. It stimulates metabolism, suppresses appetite, and helps control cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods.
Q. What are the potential side effects of Kerala virgin coconut oil?
A. Kerala Virgin coconut oil does not have any side effects, particularly when used topically. However, if you are consuming Kerala Virgin coconut oil daily, it is recommended to stick to a daily dosage level of 20ml, exceeding this limit for a long time may increase LDL levels. Some individuals may experience stomach discomfort, cramping, and mild diarrhea.
Q. What is the price of Kapiva Kerala virgin coconut oil?
A. Generally, cold pressed coconut oil price is very high, but on GetSupp you can buy Kapiva kerala virgin coconut oil at the best competitive price with seasonal discounts. We have Pack 1 (250 ml) worth Rs 219, Pack of 2 (500ml) worth Rs 398 and Pack of 3 (750ml) is Rs 597.

About this product

Kapiva Kerala Pure & Organic Coconut Oil can provide good fats to the body. Including massages with this oil will benefit your skin and hair.

About the brand


Kapiva, also known as Kapiva Ayurveda is a Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition brand - Our mission is to make Ayurveda simple and accessible for everyone by freeing Ayurveda from its perceived complexities. At Kapiva Ayurveda, we create authentic and nutritious products using the principles of Ayurveda and the finest ingredients available to provide long term well-being for our customers. Our goal is to make Ayurvedic foods tasty and accessible for everyone so they can fight common health concerns related to Skin & Acne, Hair loss, Gut, Acidity & Gas, Low Immunity, Blood Sugar Management, Weight Management, Sexual Wellness & others
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