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Kapiva Digesti Care Juice - With Amla, Ajwain, Hing & Jeera for Improved Digestion, Relief from Gas, Bloating & Acidity, Improved Metabolism - Pack of 1 (1000 ml)

16 ratings
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100% Genuine Guarantee
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Why is this good for you?

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Relieves Acidity & Bloating

Kapiva Digesti Care Juice contains natural herbs that provide relief from digestive issues such as bloating and acidity, making it a healthier alternative to sodium-rich antacids. This Kapiva digestion juice is suitable for both men and women.
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Natural Sourcing of Ingredients

The Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Jeera, Ajwain, and Hing are sourced from locations like Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, and Afghanistan, ensuring high quality and natural taste.
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100% Ayurvedic Formula

This Kapiva digestive juice is a blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Ajwain, Jeera, Dhani, and Hing, which effectively aid in digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes.
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No Added Sugar or Artificial Flavors

Kapiva Digesti Care Juice is made in GMP-certified facilities, ensuring a safe and healthy product without any added sugars or artificial flavors.
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Easy-to-Consume Liquid Form

With its syrup form and Digesti Care Juice flavor, this health supplement is both convenient and enjoyable to consume, making it a great addition to your daily routine for improved digestion and metabolism.

Who is this product for

Is Zero SugarYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use

Directions To Use: Shake the bottle before use. Dilute 30ml of Digesti Care Juice in a glass of water. Consume twice daily, after meals.
Recommended Dosage: Dilute 30ml of Digesti Care Juice in a glass of water. Consume twice daily
Safety Disclaimer: Not Suitable for Pregnant Women
Allergen Info: This product may have been processed in a factory which handles Dairy, Dairy, Milk & Soy derivatives, Gluten, Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Legumes & other allergen containing products.
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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Reviews for Kapiva Digesti Care Juice

22nd Nov, 2023
Helpful for daily digestion
Its either triphala churna or this digesti care juice only that helps my daily digestion and wake me up fresh in morning.
7th Oct, 2023
Good for stomach
The taste of digestive care juice is little bitter but otherwise the effects are good for stomach.
25th Aug, 2023
Excellent Digestive Aid
I drink it 1 week daily and now my stomach feels good. It is good for bloating and acidity both.
Kshama Patilverified
13th Jun, 2023
reduced constipation and bloating
Digestive care juice is doing its work on my continuous constipation and bloating. Go for it guys.
26th Apr, 2023
No bloating or gastric problem
Havent had any bloating or gastric problem after I am continue this digesti juice.
26th Mar, 2023
Relieved gastric issues
Order for my mom she has gastric issues soo much.. 2 days only she has started but I think she is complaining less so it must be working.
6th Mar, 2023
Best remedy for digestion problems
I had given this digesti care to my mom, she feels good now and feels free from digestive issues.
4th Mar, 2023
A natural remedy
After using this digesti care I am somewhat dependant on it.. It is really good for digestion daily.
27th Feb, 2023
Amazing Digestive Aid
Regular use of digesti care is a game changer for my digestion and bloating.
25th Feb, 2023
Effective and Natural
Used Digesti care juice for a weeks now and got a relief in bloating and indigestion.
18th Feb, 2023
Effective and beneficial
I have been eating outside food and feeling constipated lately too much.. this is why i bought this digesti care juice..
16th Feb, 2023
Highly recommended for bloating
It's so relief for daily struggles of digestion issues. I used to have bloating atleast for 2 weeks every month.. but Digesti Juice Care was a good choice to start.
21st Jan, 2023
Soothes stomach
Smell is not that much great but effectwise this digesti juice is doing its work.. it soothes my stomach and help in food digestion easily.
24th Dec, 2022
A lifesaver
Daily using digesti care.. I have better digestion now.It's a must use because my gas problem is also no more.
21st Dec, 2022
Little relief from bloating
I am aging fast it feels because recently I started feeling too much bloated and gas problems. I have started this juice from 2 weeks, there is a little relief now.
15th Dec, 2022
No constipation
Really very good to feel good in digestion.. i have felt clean stomach daily and no constipation.
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Product Info

Key Ingredients: Jeera, Ajwain, Dhania, Hing
Brand: Kapiva
Shelf Life: 540 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Juice
Container Type: Bottle
Manufacturer: Adret Retail Private Limited
Marketed by: Adret Retail Private Limited
Sold by: Kapiva

Questions and Answers

Q. How does Kapiva Digesti Care Juice improve digestion, and what specific ingredients support digestive health?
A. Kapiva Digesti Care Juice helps balance acid levels in the stomach to improve digestion and relieve digestive issues like bloating and acidity. The Digestive Care juice has ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Ajwain, Jeera, Dhani, and Hing which help in secreting digestive enzymes and digestive juices, helping in fat breakdown, reducing inflammation in the stomach, and maintaining acid balance in the stomach to support digestive health.
Q. What makes Kapiva Digesti Care Juice stand out in terms of promoting gut health compared to other digestive health supplements?
A. Kapiva Digesti Care Juice stands as the best juice for digestion with its 100% organic formulation of herbs without chemicals unlike chemicals used in antacids for digestive health. Being ayurvedic, this juice for digestion provides a complete cure, and treats the root cause of digestive issues, whereas other digestive health supplements focus on treating symptoms, effective for a short duration only. Furthermore, the process involved in making it the best juice for digestion begins with the blending of all the herbs in a fixed ratio in a water-based concentration process, except amla, which is added later to lock the nutrient value and natural taste.
Q. Can Kapiva Digesti Care Juice be used as a natural remedy for common digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, or gas?
A. Yes, Kapiva Digesti Care Juice is a blend of natural and ayurvedic herbs that can treat the root cause of these common digestive issues and improve overall digestion.
Q. Are there any age restrictions for using Kapiva Digesti Care Juice, and is it suitable for both adults and children?
A. We suggest you keep Kapiva Digesti Care Juice out of reach of children and consult with a doctor before introducing it into their lifestyles. However, Kapiva Digesti Care Juice is the best digestion juice for adults.
Q. Can pregnant or breastfeeding individuals benefit from Kapiva Digesti Care Juice?
A. Please consult with a healthcare professional before including Kapiva Digesti Care juice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Q. Can Kapiva Digesti Care Juice be taken alongside other digestive health supplements or probiotics?
A. Yes, it is safe to take Kapiva Digesti Care Juice alongside other digestive health supplements and probiotics. However, please consult a healthcare expert before combining any supplements to avoid harmful reactions.
Q. What is the recommended dosage for Kapiva Digesti Care Juice?
A. Take 30 ml of Kapiva Digesti Care juice, mix it with water, and consume twice daily, preferably after meals for best absorption and results.
Q. What are the key health benefits of Kapiva Digesti Care Juice?
A. Kapiva Digesti Care Juice benefits overall digestive health including gut health. It has potent herbs like amla, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help detoxify the whole body, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the immune system. The laxative properties of Digestive Care Juice further help in removing toxins and unwanted waste from the body, making it the best juice for digestion. Regular consumption also helps in improving the body’s metabolism, helpful in weight loss by utilizing belly fat for energy production. Additionally, it is not only the best juice for digestion but also lowers blood sugar levels and keeps the glucose level in check.
Q. Where can I buy Kapiva Digesti Care Juice online in India?
A. You can buy Kapiva Digesti Care Juice online in India from GetSupp and get access to this quality supplement with ease.
Q. What is the price of Kapiva Digesti Care Juice in India?
A. The price of Kapiva Digesti Care Juice in India starts from INR 522 on GetSupp along with additional discounts and seasonal offers available on the platform to make your purchase more affordable.

About this product

The Real Bliss to Your Belly! Struggling with acidity and bloating that bring discomfort to your day? Well, it’s time to leverage the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to treat the root cause! Here’s launching Kapiva Digesti Care Juice - a blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Jeera, Ajwain, Dhania, and Hing which aid digestion and provide relief from acidity. So, no more consuming sodium-filled antacids which could be unhealthy in the longer run. Instead, incorporate this digestion juice into your daily routine which provides long-term relief!

About the brand


Kapiva, also known as Kapiva Ayurveda is a Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition brand - Our mission is to make Ayurveda simple and accessible for everyone by freeing Ayurveda from its perceived complexities. At Kapiva Ayurveda, we create authentic and nutritious products using the principles of Ayurveda and the finest ingredients available to provide long term well-being for our customers. Our goal is to make Ayurvedic foods tasty and accessible for everyone so they can fight common health concerns related to Skin & Acne, Hair loss, Gut, Acidity & Gas, Low Immunity, Blood Sugar Management, Weight Management, Sexual Wellness & others
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