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Himalayan Organics Spirulina - 2000mg - Pack of 1(120 Capsules)

19 ratings
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100% Genuine Guarantee
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Himalayan OrganicsHimalayan OrganicsFASAILicense No: 11420850000150
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Why is this good for you?

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Powerful Immunity Booster

Himalayan Organics Spirulina 2000mg Supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals that may help strengthen the immune system, protect against oxidative damage, and support healthy immune cells for efficient body functioning.
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Promotes Heart Health

Himalayan Spirulina tablets are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Spirulina is known to help regulate blood sugar, and cholesterol levels and manage blood pressure, contributing to a healthy heart and overall cardiovascular health.
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Enhanced Energy & Stamina

With its high nutrient content, Spirulina capsules may help boost energy levels and enhance endurance, improving muscle strength and reducing fatigue in athletes and active individuals.
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Supports Digestive Health

Spirulina's amino acids provide digestive enzymes that aid in smooth digestion, regulate bowel movements, and improve nutrient absorption, ensuring optimal gut health and body functioning.
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Natural and Safe Ingredients

Himalayan Organics Spirulina capsules are 100% vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and free from artificial colors, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts, making them a safe and natural choice for daily consumption.

Who is this product for

Vegan FriendlyYes
Keto FriendlyYes
Dairy FreeYes
Gluten FreeYes
Grain FreeYes
Soy FreeYes
Is Zero SugarYes
Carb FreeYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use

Directions To Use: Take 2 after lunch & 2 after dinner ,or directed by healthcare professionals
Recommended Dosage: Take 4 tablets per day
Safety Disclaimer: Refer the product label
Allergen Info: Refer the product label
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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Reviews for Himalayan Organics Spirulina Capsules 2000mg

Taste is fine
Im buy this spirulina tablet for the first time.. find the taste is okay but need to be eaten fast with water otherwise taste sticks in tongue.
20th Mar, 2024
For general energy
For general energy eating spirulina tablet is better than everytime eating food and everything..
26th Sep, 2023
Makes me energetic
Good quality and safe Spirulina capsules, it did not cause any allergy or side effect. In fact works on making me energetic.
2nd Sep, 2023
Improves energy
This spirulina increases my overall energy.
31st Jul, 2023
keeps energised and active.
Just gave this spirulina prduct a try for the first time, it is good for keeping you energised and active.
25th Jul, 2023
helps in immunity and easy digestion.
These spirulina capsules are good for me specially because it keeps my stomach clean and helps in immunity and easy digestion.
15th Jul, 2023
Fairly good
It does the work of providing energy and all, but I guess it is not that much important for me to buy again.
Anil Kumarverified
9th Jun, 2023
Good effects for digestion and immunity
Started taking spirulina supplements on my health expert's advice. It is for my immune system and better digestion, I can see the effects.
Shreyas Kumarverified
9th Jun, 2023
Good for my stomach
Overall this Spirulina sems to be working. I feel light on my stomach even after heavy food.
8th May, 2023
Good purchase
A good purchase for Spirulina as it makes me feel more lively.
6th May, 2023
Good results
Never tried Spirulina, this is my first time and I am impressed with the results.
10th Mar, 2023
This spirullina product is something new and I tried it to check if it will increase my energy for the day or not. It did but can be made better.
19th Feb, 2023
Effective for instant enrgy
Once you start using this spirulina, there is no going back.. it is the quickest source have tried till now without getting extra calories.
9th Feb, 2023
Best to get back energy levels
Spirulina is the easiest way to get back the lost energy and activeness. I am very happy for this purchase.
31st Jan, 2023
Keeps active and ready for workout
Have never tried this kind of product, say spirulina. Well it keeps me full and active for the workouts now more than ever. Feels like a positvie energy, but cant depend on it completely.
26th Jan, 2023
Decent Supplement for energy
Using Spirulina for quick energy source, happy with the purchase from GetSupp.
21st Jan, 2023
Works for energy and immunity
This Spirulina superfood gives important energy for daily work. It is highly good for instant energy & immunity.
22nd Dec, 2022
Impactfull for energy
It is a very simple supplement.. 1 week of daily use has impacted me with full on activeness and energy.
5th Dec, 2022
Satisfactory Purchase
I have also try spirulina powder but had some bitter taste so i buy tablets and its easy to use it.
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Product Info

Key Ingredients:
Brand: Himalayan Organics
Shelf Life: 540 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Capsules
Container Type: Bottle
Manufacturer: Vlado Sky Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.
Marketed by: Vlado Sky Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.
Sold by: Himalayan Organics

Questions and Answers

Q. What are the benefits of Himalayan Organics Spirulina 2000mg capsules?
A. Himalayan Organics Spirulina is the major source to speed up the metabolism for weight management, improving the immune system while also giving a boost to energy levels, as well as regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Moreover, Himalayan Spirulina capsules are loaded with essential nutrients like Protein, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, E, Magnesium, and Potassium, and offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fight off the infection and thus maintain overall health.
Q. What is the recommended dosage of Himalayan Organics Spirulina?
A. It is recommended to take four Himalaya spirulina a day for optimal results. You can divide the timing by taking 2 capsules after lunch and 2 capsules after dinner, or as directed by healthcare professionals.
Q. Are there any side effects of Himalayan Organics Spirulina 2000mg tablets?
A. Himalayan Spirulina capsules are generally considered safe. It's important to note that children, pregnant, or lactating individuals should avoid spirulina. If you're new to spirulina, start with a low dose and gradually increase it to prevent potential side effects like gassiness, bloating, or diarrhea. Additionally, individuals on specific medications like blood-pressure-lowering, immunosuppressant, or cholesterol-lowering drugs should consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating spirulina into their routine.
Q. Where can I buy Himalayan Organics Spirulina 2000mg tablets?
A. You can buy Himalayan Spirulina online for a healthier lifestyle at the best price on GetSupp.
Q. Is Himalayan Organics Spirulina a good choice for me?
A. If you are someone who is looking to boost immunity, increase energy, improve endurance, or want to reduce muscle fatigue, Himalayan Spirulina can be a beneficial supplement for you.
Q. Can Himalayan Organics Spirulina aid in weight loss and management?
A. Yes, Himalayan Organics Spirulina is rich in fiber with low-calorie content, hence contributing to weight loss and management by reducing body fat percentage and waist circumference by speeding up metabolic activity.
Q. Is Himalayan Organics Spirulina suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies?
A. Himalayan Organics Spirulina is an excellent plant-based protein source, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is also free from gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts, making it a safe choice for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.
Q. What is the price of Himalayan Organics Spirulina 2000mg?
A. The original price for Himalayan Spirulina is Rs 945, but you can avail it at a discounted price of Rs 521 on GetSupp.
Q. Can Himalayan Organics Spirulina be used as a nutritional supplement for vegetarians?
A. Himalayan Organics Spirulina is a vegan formula free from gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts. It serves as a valuable protein source, particularly for vegetarians and vegans, offering 4g of protein per tablespoon which is more than any other plant-based protein source can offer.

About this product

Himalayan Organics boosts energy, supplies essential nutrients, aids in weight management and cleansing, amplifies endurance, and ensures smooth digestive activity. Spirulina is the world's healthiest food and contains beta-carotene and phytonutrients.

About the brand

Himalayan Organics

Himalayan Organics is a leading nutraceutical brand. Established in 2018, with the mission to delve deep into the ancient roots & bring the purest Himalayan grown nutrition for head-to-heel wellness, Himalayan Organics strives to make Earth a healthy planet. To encourage people to make healthier choices every day, we got superfoods, herbs, raw fruits, vegetables & seeds that provide the optimal nutrition required by our bodies. We are India's 1st Certified Organic Brand in Dietary Supplements & have a wide nutritional range that is too cruelty-free, plant-based, and 100% veg, leaving no one behind in the fitness trail. The brand is now happily serving over 100 products across 7+ countries, transforming the lives of over 1 Million people through sheer commitment and hard work. The brand expels all the concerns & speculations regarding transparency & claims. All the supplies are procured from certified suppliers across the country to ensure clean nutrition for all. The company has an in-house R & D team that works on the procurement of potential products. Each product is 3rd party-verified & undergoes rigorous quality checks before the final shipment so that our consumers' & their family's health is never compromised. For Himalayan Organics, consumers' holistic health & wellness is the top priority.
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