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BTN Sports Super Antioxidant Astaxanthin 12 Mg, With Natural Tocopherols & Zinc - Pack of 1 (90 Capsules)

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Pack of 1 (90 Capsules)

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Nectar ValleyJ4 Godown 6 and 7, Shree Arihant Commercial complex, Kalher Village Purna Bhiwandi, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, India 421302FASAILicense No: 11522018000032
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Why is this good for you?

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Powerful Antioxidant Blend

Formulated with natural astaxanthin, zinc, and tocopherols, these vegetarian capsules offer potent antioxidant properties that help protect the body against free radicals and oxidative stress, supporting overall health and wellness.
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Supports Muscle Recovery

The combination of key ingredients in this supplement may help reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammation, allowing for faster recovery and improved performance during workouts or athletic activities.
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Enhances Stamina and Energy

BTN Bionova Sports Super Antioxidant Astaxanthin is known to help increase energy levels and maintain them throughout the day, potentially improving stamina and endurance during physical activities or sports.
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Promotes Eye and Skin Health

Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant found in this supplement, is known to help support eye health and promote healthy skin, making it a great addition to your daily nutrition routine for overall well-being.
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Safe and Vegetarian Friendly

Made from vegetarian and organic sources, these capsules are free from artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, and harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and effective dietary supplement for daily consumption.

Who is this product for

Dairy FreeYes
Gluten FreeYes
Grain FreeYes
Soy FreeYes
Is Zero SugarYes
Carb FreeYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use

Directions To Use: take after meals or as recomomended by your trainer/dietitian
Recommended Dosage: 2 Per Day
Safety Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, nursing taking any medications or have any medical conditions, consult your doctor before using this product. In case of any adverse reactions immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor.
Allergen Info: Allergen free
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

Product Info

Key Ingredients: Natural Tocopherols and Zinc
Brand: BTN Sports
Shelf Life: 730 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Capsules
Container Type: Bottle
Manufacturer: Kontera Ventures Private Limited
Marketed by: Kontera Ventures Private Limited
Sold by: Nectar Valley

About this product

Exclusively made for athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders to let you not down with the performance, endurance & recovery. Super antioxidant vegetarian capsules. BTN SUPER ANTIOXIDANT combination is specially formulated for athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders to let you not down with the performance, endurance & recovery. The combination of Zinc & Tocopheroals gives added support for strengthening immune system along with positive effect on improving physical energy and health of vital organs. Intensive Exercise Produces Free Radicals that Causes Tissue Damage and Inflammation Extensive sports medical research demonstrated that intense muscular contraction, leads to the increased localized production of free radicals. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after intensive exercise or training is caused by lactic acid metabolism, hydroxyl-proline damage, which is induced by the production of free radicals. After intense training, there is a substantial increase of exercise-induced unwanted byproducts, which if not cleared effectively, can trigger a series of cellular or tissue damages resulting in inflammation, muscular fatigue and dysfunction all which predisposes the body to injury and slow recovery times. BTN Super Antioxidant is formulated with Astaxanthin 12mg with Natural Tocopherols & Zinc, this is a unique combination exclusively developed for professional bodybuilders. Astaxanthin is the most potent antioxidant ever discovered, which halts the free radical damage and protects cellular & tissue damages.

About the brand

BTN Sports

BTN Sports is India's largest online health & fitness store for selling in India. Bionova brand is targeted nutrition. With the growing demand of industry Bionova has launched exclusive online store for latest collections of health, fitness and similar products from the best manufactured facility.
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