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Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules for Hair Growth - 800mg - Pack of 1 (60 Capsules)

13 ratings
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100% Genuine Guarantee
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Why is this good for you?

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Promotes Hair Growth

Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract contains 800mg of premium quality saw palmetto, which is known to help maintain healthy DHT levels in the body, support hair follicle strength, and encourage natural hair growth, making it beneficial for both men and women.
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Supports Prostate Health

Saw Palmetto is known to have potential benefits for maintaining prostate health in men. It may help with urinary function and reducing inflammation, making this supplement a valuable addition to your daily health routine.
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Balances Hormone Levels

The natural properties of Saw Palmetto may help regulate hormone levels in the body, which can lead to reduced stress, improved mood, and overall well-being. This makes Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract a holistic choice for supporting mental and physical health.
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Enhances Skin Health

By managing sebum production, Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract may contribute to clearer, blemish-free skin. Its natural ingredients work to regulate acne growth and promote a glowing, nourished complexion for both men and women.
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Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract is 100% vegetarian, plant-based, and vegan-friendly, making it suitable for nearly all age groups. It is coated with HPMC, ensuring its safety and effectiveness for daily consumption.

Who is this product for

Vegan FriendlyYes
Keto FriendlyYes
Dairy FreeYes
Gluten FreeYes
Grain FreeYes
Soy FreeYes
Is Zero SugarYes
Carb FreeYes
Ideal ForMen, Women

How to use

Directions To Use: Take with water preferably after lunch or as suggested by health care Professionals
Recommended Dosage: take 1 capsule per day
Safety Disclaimer: Refer the product label
Allergen Info: Refer the product label
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
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Reviews for Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto

Stops hair fall
Saw Palmetto is my recent research and i bought himalayan saw palmetto to see the effects on my hair, after 1 week i saw hair becoming strong and no more hair fall..
On relative recommendation
I see effect of using saw palmetto which my didi tell me to use, seeing the add on facebook.
Gets hair back
Can see new hairs coming near my forehead line.. Saw palmetto is good to regain the lost hair.
Hair coming back
No believe that it work but continue use dietitian tell and in 2 month I saw good hair on my head come back.
reduces hairfall and dandruff
There is very much reduction in my too much hairfall.. dandruff or if it was dry scalp that also is reduce.
Less hairloss
Saw palmetto i used and not too much change but slowly less hair loss and hopefully I will see hair growth too.
Energy for exercise, stops hairfall
It impcated my all health problems,, now after using saw palmetto daily, i am enrgetic in gym also and the loss in hair is stopped.
26th Oct, 2023
Not really liking the product
Slow and fine.. My front part of head has some ne hairs now but othher than that it also makes my hair frizzy.
Doreswamy Kverified
16th Jun, 2023
Be patient to see the effect
Have read a lot about Saw palmetto as a natural ingredient but tried it now. I would say patience is the key because it has worked for me slowly.
19th May, 2023
Effective for hairloss
After starting Saw palmetto product, first I noticed reduced hairfall and later I could see the baby hair coming. I also had to change my hairwash routine.
18th May, 2023
Waiting for the new hair
As for the effect this saw palmetto is working on hair loss.. but i stopped after 3 weeks and i cant see any new hair coming up.
21st Apr, 2023
It is time taking
Hairfall is still continue even after 3 weeks, i dont know how long i need to wait to stop my hair problems.
12th Mar, 2023
Help in hair growth
Taking continuously from 2-3 weeks, and can see small hairs coming up.
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Product Info

Key Ingredients: Saw Palmetto Extract
Brand: Himalayan Organics
Shelf Life: 540 days
Country of Origin: India
Product Type: Capsules
Container Type: Bottle
Manufacturer: Vlado Sky Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.
Marketed by: Vlado Sky Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.
Sold by: Himalayan Organics

Questions and Answers

Q. How does Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto support prostate health?
A. Himalayan Saw Palmetto supports prostate health with its natural properties helping to regulate the prostate gland and balance DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels in the body, which reduces the risk of prostate issues. Additionally, Saw palmetto protects prostate health by managing urinary function in men.
Q. Can women also benefit from using Saw Palmetto Capsules?
A. Saw Palmetto Extract benefits are not only limited to prostate health in men, but it is equally beneficial for women. Saw Palmetto Supplement regulates sebum production and manages acne growth, contributing to clearer, radiant, and blemish-free skin for both men and women.
Q. What is the recommended dosage of Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto for hair loss?
A. One capsule of Saw Palmetto supplement daily with water is the best dosage for experiencing the full benefits of Saw Palmetto for hair.
Q. What sets Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Capsules apart from other brands?
A. Himalaya Saw Palmetto is dedicated to promoting healthy hair and works on the core issue of hair fall, unlike other brands. Additionally Saw Palmetto for hair is formulated with pure saw palmetto extracts without any harsh chemicals, gluten, tree nuts, soy, and dairy, delivering a safe and effective solution for hair health and stress relief.
Q. Can pregnant or breastfeeding individuals safely use Saw Palmetto Capsules for Hair Growth?
A. For Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals, it is recommended to consult healthcare experts before starting Saw Palmetto for hair.
Q. Can I use Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto with other hair loss treatments, like minoxidil?
A. It is not advised to combine Saw Palmetto for Hair with other hair loss treatments to avoid the potential interactions that may arise. Please consult a healthcare expert before combining the Saw Palmetto supplement with other hair loss treatments to mitigate any risks.
Q. Is Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto more effective for preventing hair loss or regrowing hair?
A. Yes, using Saw Palmetto for hair is effective for promoting overall hair health. It is saw palmetto extract benefits that balance testosterone levels and maintain DHT levels to facilitate healthy hair growth while enhancing hair density. Additionally, saw palmetto aids in strengthening hair follicles and reducing hair fall by inhibiting the effects of DHT, ultimately promoting natural and nourished hair growth.
Q. Where can I buy Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules online in India?
A. You can buy Saw Palmetto for hair online in India from GetSupp and enjoy the easy accessibility to this hair health supplement.
Q. What is the price of Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules in India?
A. The price of Saw Palmetto for Hair starts from INR 734, with additional discounts and seasonal offers to make your purchase more affordable.
Q. Are there any potential side effects associated with the Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto?
A. Saw Palmetto for hair is crafted with purely plant-based Saw Palmetto extracts and is generally well-tolerated with negligible to minimal risk of adverse effects.
Q. What are the potential health benefits of Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules?
A. Saw Palmetto Extract benefits include relieving stress and anxiety, promoting skin health by combating acne and sebum production, managing urinary function in men, and balancing Prostate gland health. Additionally, the best use of Saw Palmetto for hair is balancing DHT levels in men, promoting hair follicle growth, and preventing hair loss.

About this product

Himalayan Organics Saw Palmetto is specially curated to promote healthy and nourished hair growth with proper hormonal balance. Not just that, this product is beneficial in dealing with UTI, managing urinary function and prostate health in men. Its natural properties also nourish and hydrate the skin deeply, relieve skin irritation and acne. A pool of benefits packed in one bottle, grab your hands on this if you are looking for stronger hair, a healthy urinary tract, glowing skin, and vitality.

About the brand

Himalayan Organics

Himalayan Organics is a leading nutraceutical brand. Established in 2018, with the mission to delve deep into the ancient roots & bring the purest Himalayan grown nutrition for head-to-heel wellness, Himalayan Organics strives to make Earth a healthy planet. To encourage people to make healthier choices every day, we got superfoods, herbs, raw fruits, vegetables & seeds that provide the optimal nutrition required by our bodies. We are India's 1st Certified Organic Brand in Dietary Supplements & have a wide nutritional range that is too cruelty-free, plant-based, and 100% veg, leaving no one behind in the fitness trail. The brand is now happily serving over 100 products across 7+ countries, transforming the lives of over 1 Million people through sheer commitment and hard work. The brand expels all the concerns & speculations regarding transparency & claims. All the supplies are procured from certified suppliers across the country to ensure clean nutrition for all. The company has an in-house R & D team that works on the procurement of potential products. Each product is 3rd party-verified & undergoes rigorous quality checks before the final shipment so that our consumers' & their family's health is never compromised. For Himalayan Organics, consumers' holistic health & wellness is the top priority.
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